Winning again and again - Cummins Power Ranking "2018 green environmental promotion recommended brand"

Leading Word: While pursuing motivation and efficiency, it is more meaningful to realize green environmental protection.

One day after winning the "Influential Brand of the Year" award, on January 18, 2018, Cummings was honored with "2018" at the award ceremony of the third "Discover Trust - China Truck Users Survey and Selection" hosted by China Truck Net. Green Environmental Promotion Brand" award. Successively won two awards, indicating that Cummins's products and services are gaining recognition from the truck market.

Cummins leader takes office Cummins leader takes office

In recent years, as people's environmental protection concepts and awareness have deepened, the degree of attention to the “green” level in the course of business operations has also been continuously increased. At present, the new energy industry is entering the commercial vehicle market with a strong stance, giving birth to the rapid and iterative evolution of the industry. The traditional engine sector is under greater pressure than ever before. At this time, what is the secret of Cummins' award for the "2010 Green Environmental Advantage Brand"? ?

As the world's leading power solution provider, Cummins' main business is to produce and develop diesel engines, as well as research and development of natural gas engines, including compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas. Natural gas is essentially an alternative energy source and new energy source. In the United States and other parts of the world, it is recognized as a very clean alternative energy source. At present, Cummins natural gas engines can achieve zero emission standards and become truly environmentally friendly engines.

In 2017, Cummins continued to innovate, and in addition to quasi-zero emissions of natural gas engine technology, it also officially released pure electric drive technology, coupled with diesel-electric hybrid technology, alternative fuel technology and other programs, to provide customers with diversified power solutions. At the same time, Cummins has also set up a special big data analysis department, based on big data analysis, research and development of a variety of forward-looking technologies, and strive to create environmental and economic benefits.

Cummins' ability to stand out among many brands and win awards is not related to its philosophy of consistently practicing environmental protection over the years. This year, Cummins launched a new corporate mission - "to drive the world forward, to achieve the beauty of life." Brian Mormino, Director of Global Environmental Strategy and Compliance at Cummins, said: "At Cummins, our mission requires us to use our strengths and strive to forge ahead, drive the world forward, and achieve a beautiful life. This requires a vibrant, healthy living environment. For Cummins, innovation is our responsibility to the environment, and it is also our satisfaction with the needs of our customers." Protecting the environment is one of the three major areas where Cummins' social responsibility building is focused. Cummins therefore also practices the concept of environmental protection in every process of its manufacturing.

Cummins has always attached great importance to the environmental performance of its product operations and applied solar power generation, waste recycling, and water conservation and energy conservation in its operations. For example, 300 tons of water will be used in the factory's production process, and the same tonnage of water will be returned to the natural world through water cleaning and purification and community environmental protection measures. This is just one aspect of Cummins' practice of environmental protection in distribution processing. With regard to environmental protection, Cummins has continuously increased the intensity and breadth of its environmental protection initiatives and avoided the pollution of various production sites. Cummins set up a one-year global environmental protection challenge to encourage all Cummins employees to participate in practice. With the concept of environmental protection, many Cummins China projects are awarded each year for their excellent environmental protection. .

Cummins set up Emissions Disposal System (China) Co., Ltd. in 2008, which is the first company to promote diesel emission reduction technology in China. From the production of the first post-processing product in September 2009 to the production line of the 100,000th urea pump in 2015, and to an annual output of 430,000 units this year, Cummins has gradually won through technical strength, innovation awareness, and environmental protection concepts. Industry recognition.

As an engine manufacturing company, production is the king, and considering how to reduce production consumption, how to make energy-saving and emission-reduction better is the attitude that bearers and pioneers should have, and this may be important for Cummins to be able to maintain its competitiveness in the engine field. the reason.


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