What should I do if I find my car leaking oil?

What is the most important thing about a car? Of course, the three major parts of the car, the engine, transmission, chassis, there are a lot of users on the Internet have responded to the situation of their own car leak, which in the end is the quality of the problem or other reasons? In fact, whether the car is a new car or an old car, the problem of oil leakage may still occur. In the end is why?

Neither the engine nor the gearbox is a whole, nor is it totally sealed. An assembly is a combination of hundreds of small parts, and we have to rely on "oil" for lubrication, heat dissipation, etc. Therefore, the occurrence of oil leakage is very common, and the leaking places are the joint positions and the positions near the bearings. Therefore, we can follow the oil traces to find out the leakage.

In the following situations, the oil leakage screw will surely not be tight and slippery; the most common place is the fixing screw of the oil pan (it is easy to break off with too much force). It is very troublesome to take it out, and you have to use it. Professional tools can solve the problem. If the torque is not enough, it will seep out of the surrounding oil.

Oil drain screws (oil discharge screws for engines and gearboxes. The phenomenon of slipping is common due to frequent dismantling); some models (such as Toyota) have disposable gaskets on the drain screws, and each replaces. Once the oil needs to be replaced, many times the gasket failure will lead to oil leakage, and the drain screw appears slippery wire, most of the maintenance workers will choose to put waterproof adhesive tape on the bread, and then play sealant practice. But the professor thinks it's better to change the screw.

The oil filter screw (the mounting machine oil grid too hard will appear the situation of sliding teeth); directly replace the filter screw, but the probability is not high, the general appearance of the slide wire is the screw thread on the oil filter, Professor needs to remind is the oil The filter does not need to be tightened too tightly.

Oil seal aging; Oil seal is also called oil guard ring, which is an indispensable non-metallic fitting in the car to keep rotating parts, mainly to prevent sediment, dust, water and gas from invading the bearing from the outside and limiting the leakage of the oil in the bearing. Once there is aging, it will surely leak oil. Most of the oil spills are the front oil seal of the engine and the axle shaft oil seal on the transmission. They are generally leaky, and which of the oil seals will be directly replaced will solve the problem.

Sealing gasket aging; General engine will have valve chamber cover gasket, engine cylinder gasket and oil pan gasket (some will use sealant instead), as long as the above three gasket problems, will lead to oil leakage At this time, you need to replace the gasket.

The occurrence of oil leakage on the engine and gearbox is mainly divided into the following types. One is clear leakage, the other is leakage and the other is oil dripping.

Most of the reasons for leaking are because you have worn the oil sump. This is a clear leak. You should not choose to continue driving. You should call for assistance. Otherwise, if you continue to drive down, your car will show Lava, Locked up and finally overhauled the engine.

Leakage refers to the presence of oil traces on the engine block, and even a layer of black sludge may be adhering to the vicinity. In the event of such a leak, there is no need for rush repair.

Dropping oil, after staying in the car for a period of time, it will be found that there will be traces of oil underneath the car, which is generally a poor seal of the oil pan, oil leakage, slippery oil leakage, and this happens even though the oil is not for a short time. Will leak light, but it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.

The professor concluded: Some people must come back and ask the professor. Can you find that the car could not be opened if it leaks? As long as it is not a large area of ​​oil leakage can be opened, found that there is a large area of ​​oil spill or drop of oil, the most quickly go to the repair shop to replace the accessories, otherwise by the time it went to even the oil is leaking, and you Not worth the candle.

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