The role of sprinkler

When the summer arrives, the sun burns and the road is hot. If there is a sprinkler accompanied by a burst of crisp music, the mood will become comfortable. Does that sprinkler really only have the effect of watering?


The basic function of a sprinkler is to sprinkle water on the city's pavement and water the green belt next to the road. In the hot summer season, because of the high temperature of the pavement, timely watering can reduce the deformation of the road and reduce the temperature of the road surface. It is also more conducive to protecting roads and increasing their life. Sprinklers play an important role in the summer and are one of the essential tools for cooling. Sprinklers can spray water on roads, communities, and construction sites to reduce temperature. In addition, the sprinkler can remove dust from the city and keep the air quality to a maximum. Most people will be upset because sprinklers often splash water on the road, but more people would rather want the sprinkler to sprinkle water on the road and don't want city dust to gobble up. So when you hear the music of the sprinkler, it reminds everyone to pay attention to it, and stay away from the sprinkler, so as to avoid splashing wet clothes.

Sprinklers can also be used for landscaping, scouring the flowers and trees in parks, communities, and parks, as well as dust on trees, which also greatly improves the urban environment. Sprinklers have also made a great contribution to agriculture. Although sprinklers for spraying pesticides are only equipped with a pesticide spraying device on the back working platform of ordinary sprinklers, they are very suitable for large-scale pesticide spraying operations and can significantly Reduce manpower. In addition, the sprinkler also has a function that is not well known to all, that is, it can assist the fire engine to fight together in an emergency, saving time and reducing losses. This situation is rare, but the sprinkler does have this function, because the sprinkler's high sprinkler gun can rotate 360 ​​°, adjusted into a column with a range of more than 30m, and has a fire interface, is a good partner to help fire fighting .

After reading the sprinkler , it is so versatile. Does it mean that the sprinkler is useful?

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