The most profitable agricultural development in the golden decade is actually "farmers".

[China Agricultural Machinery Network] Agriculture is the foundation of the country and the source of life. In particular, China, as a big agricultural country, must actively promote the development of agricultural modernization. At present, the state has issued a series of related policies, adopted a number of measures, and actively adhered to the "introduction" and "going out" strategic ways to promote the rapid and rapid development of agriculture.
Agricultural development has ushered in the golden decade and the rich is actually "farmers"
Investment guru Jim Rogers said at the 4th China Futures (Securities) Asset Management Conference: In the next 20 years, the industry that makes money is not a real estate but a farmer! —— A word that awakens the dreamer. In the past, the industries in which China made money were real estate, finance, electronic information and other industries. Agriculture was left out to investors and young people.
Under the guidance of the country's increasing investment in agriculture, increasing subsidies to farmers, and various government support policies, the large-scale integration of the agricultural industry has begun. Then, is this big transformation, as Rogers said, in the future? Going beyond the real estate industry to get rich?
From 1993 to 2013, China's real estate industry has gone through a difficult ten years and a brilliant decade. The real estate industry has infiltrated and affected dozens of industries, attracting the attention of every city dweller.
The real estate industry has also become an industry with a lot of billionaires in China.
After these 20 years, the relative monopoly pattern of the industry has been formed. There are about 50 well-known real estate developers in the country. With the capital advantage, the major real estate developers control most of the exploitable land resources.
In the last ten years after the end of the integration, house prices have also soared.
The transformation of the real estate industry from “decentralization” to “concentration” has resulted in industry profits and a large number of rich people, which confirms the conclusion that any industry whose structure is “decentralized” to “concentrated” will form a relative monopoly of the industry, which will lead to excessive profits and violence. Rich opportunity!
Agriculture is also undergoing a process of integration similar to the real estate industry.
Agriculture seems to be experiencing the process of transforming the real estate industry from “decentralization” to “concentration”. Here, I mainly talk about this issue in the crop industry. After all, the planting industry is closely related to the agricultural sub-sector we are in.
As shown in the figure, let us look at the performance of agriculture from “scattered” to “concentrated”:

China's crop industry seems to be taking a path: self-sufficiency and small supply (distribution) → big farmers/cooperatives appear (concentration) → farmers (relative monopoly)
The scale of industry has become an important driving factor for the acceleration of agricultural transformation.
Opportunities in the agricultural industry are constantly emerging. Under the background of national economic restructuring and strong support for agriculture, a large amount of social capital has poured into the agricultural sector. The new agriculture contains great potential and is an area worthy of investors' expectations.
The rise of new agriculture requires capital promotion, stressing long-term returns, and having a good business profit model to be sustainable.
In recent years, some business giants have also been involved in agriculture, such as Lenovo's entry into aquaculture, aquaculture, Netease Ding Lei pigs, Jingdong Mall Liu Qiangdong planted rice, and Qi Shijian Bao Shantou planted "Orange Orange", China's first good Chen cursor into the green food, Production of pine nuts corn walnut sauce, advertising words "drink Chen cursor pine nuts corn walnut sauce, healthy yourself, help others, drink a can, donate a hair" ......
These business crocodiles, with their sensitive business sense, have deeply felt the opportunities brought about by the great transformation of agriculture, and they have invested hundreds of millions of dollars with their good social resources and capital advantages, far beyond our insiders. Before the small fight.
It can be seen that after the transformation of agriculture from “distribution” to “concentration”, changing the previously backward business model will certainly produce high-profit opportunities.
Food safety issues accelerate industry integration
Recently, Hainan's new poisonous cowpea incident, the Hong Kong milk powder incident and other new incidents have emerged, making the agricultural industry seem to have never been as lively as it is now.
The food safety issue has surpassed the problems of soil pollution, water pollution and air pollution, and has become a top priority for the people.
How to reverse the fear of Chinese people losing confidence in food safety has been related to the government's credibility.
Next, the government will speed up the integration of all links in the agricultural industry chain and strengthen the supervision of agricultural production.
The agrochemical industry we are in is a sub-sector in agriculture. Due to the close correlation between pesticide residues and food safety, it will also receive “special care” from the government.
To ensure food safety, the first is to ensure the basic supply of food, and the second is to provide high-quality agricultural products that are “good-looking, delicious, and safe” for the people.
Therefore, improving the scientific and technological level of agricultural production, improving the agricultural service system, and realizing the integration, intensification and standardization of the agricultural industry will be the only way in the future.
At present, the large-scale integration of the agricultural industry is going on. Just as the “first ten years” of the real estate industry, we believe that after the great integration of the industry, we will surely usher in a beautiful “last decade”.
It is the golden decade of agriculture! In this decade you are caught and it is possible to change your life path!
(Original title: Agriculture, the next real estate industry?)

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