Small sweeper operation

Drivers who have used road sweepers should all know that road sweepers are very functional, and they are also environmental sanitation vehicles that cannot be ignored and replaced in the residential environment. They are already indispensable to the construction of the urban environment. a sweeper, a small road sweeping vehicles in the road sweeping work, is playing a very important position, it has a faster sweep speed. The high efficiency and wide range of features, and the use of a face sweeper's workload, can replace the cleaning of dozens of cleaners. When operating a small Road Sweeper, there are a few things to notice:

1. The “general” working status of a small road sweeper is also the usual working condition. This environment also has a sufficient amount of force to suck bricks and similar garbage. The “enhancement” means that there will be a relatively strong suction capacity, the vehicle can inhale more dense garbage and get a faster working speed, but this can not be used often, it should be based on the density of the garbage inside the regular in use.

2. When the garbage and dust on the road surface are relatively thick and relatively dense, the width of the cleaning should be narrowed, and the speed of multiple sweeps should be maintained so that the cleaning effect can be well protected.

3. If the sweeper encounters large blocks of bricks and wine bottles when cleaning, he can press the switch of the indicator light of the pendulum angle. At this time, the front of the suction mouth will turn upwards. Wait until the garbage has entered the suction mouth, and then the light switch of the swing angle can be reset again.

4. When the vehicle stops work temporarily, when it encounters a red traffic signal, you can press the “Start and Stop” button of the road sweeper and the vehicle will be in a parking space. The green system of the road sweeper will be quickly recovered and the water spray function will stop immediately, but its secondary engine will continue to operate.

5. If there is any thick layer of rubbish stuck on the road surface, press the “press” button. The toilet brush of the sweeping car will increase the pressure on the ground, and it can lift heavy rubbish to ensure the cleaning. effect.

6. When a small road sweeper encounters large volumes of rubbish (such as large cartons, large planks) that cannot be inhaled when he is working, he can park the car by pressing “start and stop” and then put Garbage picked up, thrown on the side of the road to continue normal operations.

7. When the sweeper is performing cleaning work, if it is necessary to retreat and turn, it is necessary to immediately stop the cleaning salary, retract the side brush, lift the suction mouth, and wide brush.

8. When a small road sweeper is working, the side of the vacuum hose that is not working on the other side should be covered with a cover plate to ensure its sealing effect. (Text / Sun Ni)

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