Sanken Becomes Ciba Environmental Protection Equipment Supplier

Hangzhou Sanyin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a leading company in the domestic chemical environmental protection equipment industry, has recently become a supplier to Ciba Specialty Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd. Nanjing Branch. The 6-seat exhaust gas absorption system produced in advance will soon be developed by the Sanken Group. Hangzhou Jiande arrived in Nanjing Ciba.

The reporter learned from the person in charge of the project of Ciba Specialty Chemicals (Nanjing) Branch that Ciba had negotiated with 6 polypropylene equipment manufacturers and eventually selected the industry leading enterprise, Sanray. The key reason is that Sanray is the drafting unit of polypropylene industry standard, and also the largest manufacturer of polypropylene equipment in China, especially its advanced hot-melt and extrusion welding technology, which can guarantee product accuracy and stability. According to the sales department of SanNei, the product quality and service of SanNai has been highly appreciated by Nanjing Ciba, and both parties will continue to carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation.

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