Petrochemical industry's first quarter profit decline

The analysis report of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association shows that in the first quarter, China’s oil and chemical economy operations were mixed. Under the influence of the national macro-control policies, the momentum of excessive growth in chemical industry production was initially contained; in the first two months of this year, petroleum and chemical industry The industry profit decreased by 6.12% year-on-year, and the profit of the whole industry fell or reached a foregone conclusion in the first quarter. This is rare in the history of the petrochemical industry.

In the first quarter, economic growth at home and abroad slowed, demand fell, the continued depreciation of the US dollar, the impact of the US subprime mortgage crisis deepened, and the effects of international oil and basic raw material prices soared. The economic efficiency of China's petroleum and chemical industries showed a large margin. The decline, especially in the refining industry, has increased.

From the perspective of the three sub-sectors, the profits of the oil and gas exploration industry increased by 61.23%; the profits of the chemical industry increased by 17.1%, a substantial drop of 68.6 percentage points from the same period of last year; due to the continuous increase in international oil prices, the oil price in the domestic market was seriously inverted, and the refining industry The profit dropped drastically, totaling a deficit of 23.924 billion yuan, which was the first time in history.

If we do not consider the profit growth caused by policy reasons in the oil refining industry, profits in the petrochemical and chemical industries will also begin to decline, with the most obvious decline in organic chemical raw materials and synthetic resin industries. At present, the cost of chemical products has risen sharply, and the ability to transfer costs downstream has been weakening. The profit margin has gradually narrowed, and market competition has been unprecedentedly intensified. Some industries in the chemical industry in the future will face a reshuffle.

Matters concerning the export of Graphite

Over the years, China has been the most * big exporter of Natural Graphite products, in deep processing of graphite products technology leading developed countries, is against the natural graphite "with purchase and adopt a generation of" strategy, and technology blockade, natural graphite as a kind of non-renewable resources, with very good foreground countries limit zhi, its export of primary products, such as export carbon rods, artificial graphite, Graphite Block, pre-baked anode, etc., need to be dealt with the dual-use items.

The price of natural Graphite Powder is determined by three main factors: carbon content, moisture and particle size distribution.

1. The higher the carbon content, the greater the purity of graphite, so the price will rise in the form of the acceleration line (i.e., the higher the purity, the more complex the production process, and the higher the price increases).

The larger the scale, the lower the natural content and the higher the price. Conversely, the smaller the particulate matter, the less content in nature and the higher the price. Therefore, for natural graphite, the price of the normal (i.e., the material at the top of the sieve) is high. In the positive eye, the smaller the number, the bigger the scale and the higher the price. In negative eyes, the larger the number, the smaller the scales, the higher the price, the lower the price of negative items.

Artificial graphite HS codes for 3801100090, customs supervision conditions for export license of dual-use items and technologies, when customs clearance in addition to submit normal trade documents, and shall be submitted to the ministry of commerce issued "export license of dual-use items and technologies".

Materials for application of electronic key for dual-use items:

1. Application of electronic key for approval and approval (seal of enterprise official seal and approval seal)

2. Copy of business license (seal of enterprise)

3. Photocopy of the record registration form of foreign trade operator or a copy of the approval certificate of the foreign-invested enterprise (with the official seal of the enterprise)

4. Applicant's identity card and copy of the company's legal person identity card (seal enterprise seal)

5. Service contract (please refer to the representative office or office)

6. Copy of bank payment receipt (wire transfer voucher, bill)

Information on import and export of dual-use items

1. Trade contract

2. Export (import) packing list

3. Certificate of final user and end-use abroad

Application for export license of sensitive items and technologies of the People's Republic of China, etc.


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