Method for increasing the aeration amount of a flotation machine

How to increase the amount of flotation machine inflation? It can be adjusted from the following aspects.

1. Impeller rotation speed: The larger the rotation speed of the impeller in a certain range, the larger the inflation amount. However, if the rotation speed is too large, the wear of the impeller cover plate will be accelerated, the power consumption will be increased, and the slurry surface will be unstable.

2. The gap between the impeller and the cover. This gap directly affects the amount of inflation, and the test proves that the best effect is when the gap is 6-8 mm. If the gap is too large, the slurry will turn from the front side of the blade to the back side of the blade to reduce the vacuum behind the blade, so that the amount of inflation is reduced; if the clearance is too small, the impeller and the cover plate are prone to impact and friction, so that the amount of inflation is reduced.

3. Amount of slurry: When the amount of slurry entering the center of the flotation machine impeller is most appropriate, the amount of aeration is the largest. Because the amount of slurry is increased within a certain range, the centrifugal force generated when the slurry is scooped out also increases, and the vacuum in the negative pressure zone is formed to increase the aeration amount. However, if the amount of slurry is too large, the air cylinder above the impeller will be clogged, resulting in difficulty in inhaling, thereby reducing the amount of inflation.

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Size: 3/8" - 2"
Surface: Natural color or nickel color

Working pressure: 16Bar

Technics: Forging

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