Kumho Tire Innovation Concept Receives German Red Dot Design Award for Four Consecutive Years

Kumho Tire took the product design award for four consecutive years at the Red Dot Design Award 2014 in Germany. It is reported that on March 11, 2015, Kumho Tire 's three products: "Wing Chida HS51", "Kayluide HP91" and "sealant tire" won the award at the German Red Dot Design Award respectively. This is the fourth consecutive year that Kumho Tires won this design award. Among the three award-winning products, "Wing Chida HS51" as the Kumho Tire Wing Chida series products, has excellent driving performance and quiet performance, the tire side of the geometric pattern is very dynamic, showing the tire's sports descent . The Kayloh HP91, designed specifically for SUVs, adds silicone to the raw materials, demonstrating excellent road grip and braking performance. In addition, the hologram design of the image of the city's buildings was adopted on the sidewall of the product, highlighting the image of the urban SUV. “Sealant Tire is a new concept tire. Innovative materials and designs make it possible for tires to self-repair and prevent air leakage even if they are pierced by sharp objects. Safety and stability.

Kumho Tire Innovation Concept Picking the German Red Dot Design Award for four consecutive years
Kumho tire won three products

The red dot design award is a design award ceremony that began in 1995 in Nottheim, Germany. The design award is divided into three parts: communication design, concept design, and product design. It is called 3 together with the International Forum Design (IF) of Germany and the International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) of the United States. Big design award.

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