Henkel Completes Acquisition of National Starch Business

Henkel Corporation announced that it has taken over from AkzoNobel the original national starch adhesive and electronic materials business.

In 2007, Akzo Nobel's national starch adhesives and electronic materials both had sales of 1.25 billion pounds (approximately 1.83 billion euros) and a purchase price of 2.7 billion pounds (approximately 3.7 billion euros). After the integration, the annual sales of Henkel Adhesives Technology Business Unit will increase to approximately 7.5 billion Euros. Henkel expects that the integration effect obtained by the acquisition will reach 240-260 million euros per year, and the full integration effect will be achieved after 2011.

Henkel will further consolidate its leading position in the global adhesives market, especially in the industrial sector, through the acquisition of the adhesives and electronic materials business of National Starch. For Henkel Adhesives Technology business unit, the acquisition will have a significant impact on its packaging and wood adhesives business and electronic business. For example, Henkel has a good market position in laminating adhesives, while National Starch is a leader in the field of pressure-sensitive adhesives. The merger of the two parties will achieve perfect complementarity. In addition, the acquisition will enable Henkel's regional market position to be significantly enhanced. After the acquisition of the national starch business, Henkel’s share of the adhesives business in the Asia Pacific region will double, while Henkel can use its strong market position in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe, to accelerate its expansion.

"This acquisition is yet another milestone in the history of our company for more than 130 years, and has pointed out the direction for Henkel's further growth," said Li Ningya, Chairman of the board of Henkel Group. Prior to this acquisition, Henkel had already split the business it was going to acquire, and the relevant authorities had also carried out the necessary anti-monopoly investigations.

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