Example of non-metallic mining of building materials - Yingcheng gypsum mine

The mine is mined as a fiber gypsum mine. Ore brittle, easy to become a mine, its solidity coefficient parallel fiber plaster Æ’ = 1.5. Use the longwall selection along the propensity to fill the mining method, as shown in Figure 1. The working face mining height is about 2m, the total length of the panel is 400-500m, and it is divided into 6 communities. The working face of each community is 60-80m long. The cutting machine is used to cut the rocker, rock drilling, filling and loading in 6 communities. Rock, transportation and other processes. The arrangement of the grooving of the gutter and the working face should avoid the fiber gypsum. In the softer stone layer, the rock cutting machine is used for the gutter. If the stone layer is hard, the blasting method is used. The ore under the blasting artificial hand selects fiber gypsum and some low-grade gypsum to load the car on the working surface. A JD11.4kW dispatch winch is installed in the small winding lane, and a 3~7t overhead electric motor vehicle is used in the section transportation lane. Through small winding lanes and sections to transport roadways, and then transported through the uphill hoisting machine and the main transport lanes, the stone and some low-grade gypsum are filled as fillings in the goaf. The fiber gypsum is soft and easy to become a powder ore and is lost. It is not allowed to use a slippery well during transportation, and it cannot be discharged through the funnel port, and the number of reversals should be minimized.
The technical and economic indicators of mining methods (1987) are as follows:
Ore production capacity (t/d)
Work surface ergonomics (ton / work class)
Mining ratio (m/kt)
Ore loss rate (%)
Ore depletion rate (%)
Main material consumption:
Explosives (kg/t)
Detonator (pieces per ton)
Fire line (m/t)
Alloy sheet (g / kt)
Brazing steel (kg/t)
Pit wood (m 3 /kt)
3 to 5
Figure 1 Yingcheng gypsum mine longwall sorting filling mining method
1—Winning machine room; 2—Main transportation roadway; 3—Uphill hoisting machine track; 4—Small twisting lane;
5—section transportation roadway; 6—filling area; 7—cutting roadway; 8—ventilation roadway; 9—damper

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