Driving a car may not necessarily feed the car.

It will be easy to drive. Learn to drive a car. But on how to refuel, it may not always be known to many old drivers. Today, Xiaoyi will tell you about the car refueling.
    When is the correct refueling?   
The time for refueling depends on your daily schedule. For example, if you have a gas station on the way to work or commuting, you can add it by the way. Don't purposely drive to refuel. When the oil gauge indicates the remaining 1/4, if it is convenient to add fuel, do not wait for the lights to turn on again each time.
The continuous operating temperature of the oil pump is high. When immersed in the fuel, it can effectively reduce the temperature. When the amount of oil light indicates that the oil level is lower than the oil pump, the long term will not only shorten the service life of the oil pump, but also cause the oil pump to pump the sediment at the bottom of the fuel tank when there is too little oil. From. The lucky point is to block the oil pump or block the oil line. A serious point may burn the oil pump.
    How many times are older than others?
Some car owners may not understand why, why the same car, the number of times their own car more than others? The silver slipped away unknowingly. Don't blame the vehicle for fuel consumption first. Let's first see if you are responsible for the daily maintenance of the vehicle. For example, intake ports, injectors, throttles, idle valves, spark plugs and other parts. Lubrication system with coke and sludge also reduces lubrication and increases fuel consumption. The use of high-quality full-synthetic engine oil can also save the owner about 10% of the fuel.

    How much oil is appropriate?
Some netizens reacted with the small i, saying that when the gas station was refueled, it encountered a situation where the fuel tank volume was more than the volume of the fuel tank calibrated by the manufacturer. He suspected that the petrol station's tanker was tricky. Here I tell you that taking into account the cause of thermal expansion and contraction, the fuel tank volume indicated in the vehicle operating instructions is not actually the actual capacity of the fuel tank, but the safety capacity. Normally, as long as the oil is added to the oil meter, it is sufficient to indicate that there is 40-50 yuan left in the fuel tank, but do not add any more, otherwise it will hinder the fuel tank intake, resulting in "oil consumption" . Furthermore, overfilling with gasoline can easily cause pipelines in the activated carbon tank system to enter the gasoline and cause toner failure, resulting in a decrease in the working capacity of the entire canister. Excess petrol flowed into the intake passage along the pipe causing the spark plug to drown.
If you are driving in the urban area for a long time, you don't have to add too much and you can add two-thirds of the tank. Carrying a full tank of oil will increase its own weight and increase fuel consumption, adding 200 yuan or 30 liters at a time. At the same time, the drivers remember to be slower when they are about to fill up, so as not to make oil.

    Which of the 95th and 92nd oils add?
92, 95 is just a label, and has nothing to do with the cleanliness of gasoline. Many car owners asked: "I have recently discovered that the use of the new number of gasoline, the same amount of money for the same road conditions, how to run fewer kilometers instead? Will not use the high number of some 95 will save fuel?" Now on the market Gasoline has 92, 95 and other labels, these numbers represent the octane number (antiknock) of gasoline. During the design phase of an automotive engine, the number of fuel used is set according to the compression ratio. From the aspect of power and economy, the compression ratio is high and the power is good. For example, a car that is adding gasoline No. 95 and now No. 92 gasoline may have problems with engine start-up; when it accelerates, there is a crisp metallic sound in the engine. The blind use of high-grade gasoline will not only result in acceleration and weakness during driving, but also its high anti-knocking advantage cannot be used. The key is to waste money!

    Must the fuel filter be changed?
Gasoline filter is installed in the fuel tank next to the tank, the main role is to filter the impurities in gasoline. The 4S shop will require a 40,000-kilometer replacement, but from the actual use, the current gasoline is relatively clean (unless oil is added at the time of refueling or there is a tanker to discharge oil). Generally, there is no problem with 60,000 kilometers. Of course, depending on the condition of the engine, if the oil path is not smooth, it should be replaced.

    Is gas station staff frequently pulling oil guns to steal oil?   
The staff of the mechanics room of the metrology verification test conducted a manual refueling experiment. Experiments have shown that “the refueling gun skipping gun will be less than two” is only a misunderstanding of consumers. The refueller “pauses” because the refuelling gun port is equipped with a sensor. Once the sensor contacts the oil level, the refueling gun will automatically shut off. This action creates a “jumping gun”. When it is added to the number of such as seventy-one and two cents, there is usually no two cents change to the gas station staff. The reason why they add more slowly, and finally squeezed and gave it to run two hairs. This pinch has no effect on traffic, just to round it up.

    Car refueling taboo
1 Never give your car fuel before the car turns off.
2 Don't stay in the car while you are refueling. Stay out and don't smoke. Thunderstorm days try not to refuel, because the spread of oil vapor around you will increase the probability of being struck by lightning. If the worker does not close the fuel gun, you must never start the car. It may cause fire.
3 When you are driving after refueling, your car should be overhauled if it is not fueled, trembling, idling, squeaking, or even turning off.

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