·Dongyue brand tire won the “Brand Brand Award” of China Rubber Association

At the 2015 China Rubber Annual Conference held in Guangzhou recently, the China Rubber Industry Association held an award ceremony to recognize the people and enterprises and advantageous brands that have contributed to the development of the association and the industry for 30 years. Among them, Li Yong, chairman of Xindongyue Group of Dongping Economic Development Zone in Shandong Province, was awarded the “Industry Development Contribution Award”, Xindongyue Group Co., Ltd. was awarded “Enterprise Innovation Development Award”, Dongyue Brand Tire was awarded “Premium Brand Award”. ".

4D Air Fiber Pillow

This core material is integrally formed in water, and it can be washed directly with water, can really eliminate mites, but latex and memory foam are not suitable.

Since 90% of the material is air, the internal interweaving structure is not hot in summer and not stuffy in winter, while the structure of conventional latex and memory foam is destined to be poorly breathable.

Using high-end imported elastomer materials

Using imported food grade materials, areintegrally formed in water without glue. Latex and memory foam are often injection molded with foaming agents and other additives.

Because the product structure is a bird's nest-like interweaving structure, it can evenly disperse head pressure.

The material is not as easy to weather as latex, and the memory foam becomes yellow due to oxidation, especially at low temperatures, it can maintain performance and have a long life.

55*35cm(11/7/9) in stock

Washed pillows, breathable pillows, high elastic pillows

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