Cold aluminum crushing equipment for scrap aluminum

Aluminum scrap is a high-quality renewable resources, waste recovery and recycling do have huge economic and social benefits. Market scrap cans, aluminum wire, cable, pure aluminum, aluminum alloy scrap materials, and building and construction wastes alloy extruded profiles fairly complete recycling, and regeneration techniques still need to improve. The regeneration of waste aluminum materials in China mainly adopts smelting processing. It not only has serious metal burning damage, but also has complicated technical processes and low recovery rate of finished products. It also has large investment, high energy consumption and pollution to the environment. Here, the author introduces a cold processing method for waste aluminum regeneration. As long as the waste components are single, the powder will be reduced after cold processing, and it can be used for high-grade aluminum-based alloys and magnesium -based alloy additives.

The cold working pulverization process and equipment can first meet the product quality and quantity requirements, and have the advantages of low hardness, good toughness, fast thermal conductivity and investment saving. Secondly, it has the characteristics of reducing the installed capacity of the entire production line and reducing the power consumption.

This equipment process can produce 600 tons of recycled aluminum per year, and the powdered capacity is only 75 kilowatts. Moreover, waste cans, scrap aluminum extrusion profiles, waste wire rods, aluminum sheet trims, machined aluminum chips, etc. can be mechanically processed into granulated powder or recycled aluminum finished products, which not only have good quality, but also have a metal recovery rate of over 98%.

First, the waste cans are recycled and pulverized into powder

The flattened and cleaned cans can be directly put into the feeding bin, and can be pulverized into powder at an instant, the average particle diameter is 1-3 mm, and the product granularity can be adjusted to be basic spherical, hemispherical and polygonal. It can be pulverized into powder in a single machine, the process is simple, easy to operate, and the floor space is small. The installed capacity is I5 kW. Each unit is operated by two people, and the crushing cans are 55-65 kg per hour.

  Second, scrap aluminum wire, waste cable, light aluminum wire pulverized into powder

For the single or multiple strands of scrap aluminum wire and waste cable light aluminum wire, the light aluminum wire is first cut into segments, and the length of the cut is 4 to 6 mm according to the requirements of the finished powder.

It is cut into segments by a disc automatic shearing machine. The size of the disc scissors is selected according to the thickness of the light aluminum wire and the specifications required for the finished powder. The disc automatic shearing machine cuts the aluminum wire segment by 80-120 kg per hour. The thicker, longer and higher the diameter of the scrap aluminum wire, the thickest cut diameter is 12 mm, the length is not limited, and the multiple strands can be sheared at the same time, and the installed capacity is 5.5 kW.

The uniform size of the wire wool is automatically and evenly fed through the smashing machine. The output per hour is 30-40 kg. The installed capacity and product size can be determined according to the thickness and length of the line segment, and the general particle size is 2-6 mm. The processed particle shape is substantially spherical and hemispherical. The feeding port of the pulverizer is provided with automatic magnetic vibration feeding. The feeding amount can be adjusted. The casing of the machine is equipped with a cooling water jacket, which can be cooled by atmospheric pressure circulating water and equipped with a thermometer. The temperature in normal production must not exceed 70. °C.

Third, waste extruded profiles, aluminum scraps, machined aluminum scraps, etc.

Waste aluminum doors and windows, construction and structure 6063 alloy extrusion profiles, processing and manufacturing middle corner heads, cutting sawdust, etc. can be cold processed into powder by mechanical means.

Due to the specifications, length and thickness of the waste extrusion profiles, in order to obtain a uniform powder of the finished product, the cleaned waste profiles, such as the square tube and the aluminum head, should be flattened and placed in a flattening machine. Plate, wide profile or wide waste aluminum plate, cut into 40~60 mm width by slitting machine, put into automatic shearing machine, cut into 4×4 mm or 6×6 mm uniform size wool, and put into aluminum The powder feeding machine is equipped with an automatic feeder for the feeding of the powder. The feeding speed is evenly adjustable. The diameter of the granulated finished powder is 2 to 6 mm, and the processing capacity is 35 to 45 kg per hour. The installed capacity of the crusher is 15 kW.

The process of processing the profile into a granule granule î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ The first three processes can be handled by hand for 1 to 2 tons per person per day. The platen and slitter have a installed capacity of 2.2 kW and can process 200 to 300 kg per hour. The automatic slitter has an installed capacity of 5.5 kW and can cut 60-80 kg per hour.

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