Coffee Maker Accessories Stainless Steel Aluminum Espresso Coffee Maker (HWG05)

Model NO.: HWG01, HWG02, HWG03, HWG04, HWG05
Origin: China
HS Code: 7323930000
HWG01( Stainless Steel Coffee Maker) HWG02 (Aluminum Coffee Maker)
Type: Espresso Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Coffee Maker
Processlng Material: Coffee Powder Processlng Material: Coffee Powder
Style: Italian(Many modelos for your choice) Style: Italian(Many modelos for your choice)
Housing Material: Stainless Steel Housing Material: Aluminum
Cup Accessories: with Handle Cup Accessories: with Handle
Origin: Zhejiang,China Origin: Zhejiang,China
Capacity: 2cup,4cup,6cup,9cup Capacity: 3cup,6cup,9cup,12cup
Usage: Home Use Usage: Home Use
Working Principle: Steam Working Principle: Steam
Certification: SGS Certification: SGS
Item. No. SIZE Unit Qty/Ctn CBM/CTN G.W.
HWG01 2CUPS(270g) PCS 36 0.057 9.7
4CUPS(346g) PCS 30 0.07 12.5
6CUPS(441g) PCS 24 0.073 12.5
9CUPS(565g) PCS 24 0.11 14
HWG02 3CUPS(240g) PCS 36 0.071 11
6CUPS(340g) PCS 36 0.118 15.6
9CUPS(440g) PCS 24 0.103 14.3
12CUPS(560g) PCS 24 0.139 17.8
HWG03 3CUPS PCS 500 0.068 6
6CUPS PCS 500 0.068 6.5
9CUPS PCS 300 0.088 7.4
12CUPS PCS 250 0.088 7.2
HWG04 3CUPS PCS 1000 0.05 7
6CUPS PCS 2000 0.05 8
9CUPS PCS 2000 0.05 9
12CUPS PCS 1000 0.05 7
HWG05 3CUPS PCS 2000 0.033 11
6CUPS PCS 2000 0.034 13.2
9CUPS PCS 2000 0.034 17
12CUPS PCS 2000 0.034 18

Coffee Maker Accessories Stainless Steel Aluminum Espresso Coffee Maker (HWG05)
Coffee Maker Accessories Stainless Steel Aluminum Espresso Coffee Maker (HWG05)
Coffee Maker Accessories Stainless Steel Aluminum Espresso Coffee Maker (HWG05)
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Coffee Maker Accessories Stainless Steel Aluminum Espresso Coffee Maker (HWG05)


Automatic vacuum Foaming Machine, adopt batching technology, foaming in vacuum condition. It is
composed of storage tanks, batching, mixing, vacuum, mould, and computerized controlling systems. It can be realized
numerical control during the whole production. It is used for making all kinds of foam.
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* Easy cleaning function.
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. * Continuous foaming.
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