China Solid oxide fuel cell technology research and development made new breakthroughs

Huazhong University of Science and Technology Fuel Cell Research Center independent research and development 5KW level solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) independent power generation system, and achieved 4.82KW power output, the Ministry of Science and Technology organized on-site technical acceptance group of experts believe that this marks China SOFC system independent power generation technology has made new breakthroughs, basically have the conditions to enter the engineering and product phase.

Reporter interviewed on the 11th learned that supported by the national "863 Program", Professor Li Jian, a fuel cell research center of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, independently developed a 5KW-level SOFC independent power generation system. The dual-stack module and heat-electricity coordination control technology , Power generation efficiency reached 46.5%, cogeneration energy utilization rate of up to 79.7%; which used a large area single cell power density up to 1.2W per square centimeter, the rate of decline was only 0.41% per thousand hours, , Reached the international advanced level.

Acceptance group that the successful development of this system shows that China's SOFC technology has basically entered the stage of engineering and product conditions. Fuel Cell Research Center in the future will be committed to improving the reliability and stability of the SOFC system, and the localization of key components and lay the foundation for the industrialization and large-scale application of China's SOFC technology.

SOFC is an electrochemical power generation technology that directly converts chemical energy in fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas, biogas fuel and biogas, and other hydrocarbons into electricity, and has the advantages of high efficiency, low emission and no noise. Distributed power plants, emergency power, transportation, military and marine fields have broad application prospects, is recognized as the 21st century green energy technology, to meet the power demand, ease the energy crisis, protecting the ecological environment and safeguarding national security are of great significance .

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