Chengdu Water Show and Sichuan Water Pollution Control Service Association Build Western Water Industry Event

Sichuan Water Pollution Control Service Association: Sichuan Water Pollution Control Service Association will participate in the “2018 14th China Chengdu International Water Show” held by the Joint Office at the New International Convention & Exposition Center in Century City, Chengdu on April 19-21. At that time, the member units will be organized to participate in the exhibition and organize a special technical exchange meeting for the same period.

2018 The 14th China Chengdu International Water Exhibition was jointly organized by Sichuan Water Pollution Control Service Association, Sichuan Environmental Science Society, Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, Chengdu Environmental Protection Industry Association, Chengdu Surface Treatment Association and other local industry associations. Nearly 270 domestic and foreign companies have registered to participate in the exhibition. The scale and quality of the exhibition are among the highest in the western industry. Tianxiang Environment, Huaneng Technology, Suez, Aniken, GE, Ansi, Zhongshen Environmental, and Wuxi will be ushered in. Source, Xylem, BEHRINGER, Japan Starlight, Prolifetology, Biovo, Calgon and other companies gathered to bring a series of professional and innovative water treatment technology solutions to the show.

In order to build a water pollution treatment and information exchange service platform for Sichuan Province and promote the application of new technologies and new products for water pollution treatment, the conference will hold nearly 10 high-end forum meetings in the same period, and will jointly organize water pollution in Sichuan Province in conjunction with Sichuan Water Pollution Control Service Association. The Governance Technology Forum will focus on inviting economic, industrial, residential construction, water affairs, environmental protection, agriculture and forestry and other competent authorities, engineering companies, research institutes, industry leaders, distribution agencies and other corporate leaders and technicians to focus on industrial wastewater and water quality monitoring. Major hot topics such as rural/urban sewage treatment, black and odor body treatment, water ecological restoration, membrane technology, urban water supply, electroplating wastewater, etc., will be discussed and discussed. In-depth analysis of industry trends and sharing of the latest related technologies will be conducted. The detailed agenda will be announced in the near future and all circles are continuously concerned.

The Sichuan Water Pollution Control Service Association is a non-profit independent legal entity composed of enterprises and institutions engaged in water pollution treatment technology research and development, planning and design, engineering construction, operation management, equipment production and sales, material supply, maintenance and repair, and public services. Community registration management agency Sichuan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs and related departments of business guidance and supervision and management. It aims to build a water pollution treatment information exchange service platform and promote the healthy development of the water pollution treatment service industry.

The pre-registration of Chengdu Water Expo has been hotly started. To facilitate visitors to visit the venue, visitors can pre-register with the following methods. After successful registration, visitors can visit for free, skip queues and send gifts!

The organizing committee recommends to visit the pre-registration method:

Pay attention to WeChat public number "Chengdu Water Show", click on "visit registration", select "The 14th Chengdu International Water Exhibition - audience registration" to fill in the relevant information, you can conduct free visit pre-registration;

For more information on the western water industry news and conference, please pay attention to the WeChat public number (Chengdu Water Show) and the official website of the conference. You are welcome to call us at 028-85505376.

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