Cautions for using aerial vehicles

The working life of aerial vehicles is generally about 10 years, but reasonable use and maintenance can extend the useful life of the vehicle to a large extent. Here's what we need to pay attention to during the maintenance and repair of aerial vehicles .

When using aerial platforms in the cold winter of northern China, many problems will be encountered. For example, after a rainy day, vehicles are prone to freezing. Vehicle windows, tire sunroofs, and other places, many friends directly use boiling water for convenience, which is a wrong practice. Entering our high-level aerial vehicles brings a lot of damage. . We should use special ice skates for de-icing, or start the engine to open the hood for deicing, and this de-icing effect is also relatively good.

Another thing to notice in winter freezing days is not to open the sunroof of the car. If it is open, it will cause the layer of silica gel on the glass to be connected with snow and ice. When you forcefully open the car, it will destroy the car. The skylight affects the normal use of the skylight.

When parking, try to place the car in a special parking garage so that it can prevent the car from being exposed to sun exposure or freezing. This affects the use of the car more or less, especially the use of lifts. When using high-altitude vehicles, pay attention to the maintenance of the aerial work platform battery. Always check the battery level. If there is any electricity, you must charge it in time. To regularly check the battery's wiring location for loose screws, but also check the battery electrolyte capacity and so on.

Brake wheel inspection is also an indispensable part. Some electric and diesel-driven high-altitude platform brake wheels are good or bad, which determines to a certain extent that the safety factor of aerial vehicles also affects the service life of the vehicle. Viewing the brake system of a working aerial vehicle is an essential means to protect the vehicle. Basically, aerial work platforms are all cylinder lifts. The hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic cylinders must also be checked regularly. Inspection of the connected lines is also indispensable. (Wen/Jun Xun)

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